Here are a few things that my customers are saying...  if you have purchased one, please feel free to email me some comments for publication on this site!

Just a quick note to let you know the Mid Deck is great.  It fits wonderful, although I have found that somewhere down the line, I must have lost one of the bumpers that keeps it from sliding.  I'll have to get a new one of those.  But your work is great and I thank you very much.

G.W. - DeSoto, TX

Got the mid deck yesterday, AWESOME! It looks great. Thanks a ton…….. I am actually leaving in the next few minutes for a weekend camping trip so it will be put to the test right away.

R.S. - Castle Rock, CO

I did receive the Mid-Deck last week.  You did a very nice job.  My dog took his first ride in it this weekend and seemed to enjoy it.  I think I'll pretty much leave it in all the time.  It seems to make for a better place to put cargo than on the seats.

B.S. - Indianapolis, IN

I just got my Mid-Deck today and would like to express my gratitude to Brian.  The ship time was 4-6 wks but I offered up a little incentive ($$) to get rush delivery because I'm one to never wait.  He took the extra time out of his weekend and made sure that I was completely satisfied - even painting the bottom and going the extra mile with padding.  Even the carpet color is a near perfect match to stock.  The only thing better than his service is this product.  Thank you again Brian - I'm very pleased

S.H. - Chattanooga, TN

I bought one of these from Brian, and I'll tell you what - it fits like a glove. It's perfect for my dog (a 93lb Weimaraner). I'd highly recommend it to one and all.

J.G. - Omaha, NE

Just wanted to stop in and say that if your thinking about buying one of these go ahead and DO IT.  The quality of work Brian does is OUTSTANDING.  I ordered both the split and 1 piece (me and a friend use them) and they are absolutely the best mod I currently have for my truck.  The quality and attention to detail was just fantastic.  Brian is a good person to order from and you can be sure that you will get a great addition for your truck.  I will post pictures once I have them.  Thanks Brian for the great work.

D.S. - Neptune, NJ

Received and installed, fits like a glove. Thanks Brian

B.S. - New Orleans, LA

Anybody who doesn't have one of these,  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!  Whoops sorry didn't mean to shout, but Brian, They are terrific!! I got mine today and it fit perfect and the dog was so happy that he didn't have to slide around all over the place.

J.W. - Upper Burrel, PA

Hey Mister, do you have a Mid-Deck?  I got Mine, I got Mine, Yayyyy, I got Mine!!  (No I have not lost my mind, it is a parody of Crank Yankers TV Show.) Picked mine up from Brian today during lunch.  I have the Tan Sport Leather seats and got the Padded 60/40 Mid-Deck with the Taupe colored carpet.  Looks good and fits well.  Thanks Brian...

P.B. - Lawrenceville, GA

Well I received my padded mid deck and it is great.  Brian, is that my mid deck in your photos???  I don't think I will ever put the seats up again.  I have no use for the backseat TV now, maybe the dogs will watch movies?  Definitely glad I got the 60/40 model.  The single piece would be less practical and bulky to handle.  Padding is definitely worth it.  Just ask my dogs.

A.B. - Leesburg, VA

Legal Stuff:
I can not and will not be held responsible for any accident or injury that occurs during the building of, the normal use of, or anything that could happen involving the Mid-Deck™ during an automobile accident..  These plans are the intellectual property of Brian Montini.  Your purchase allows you to personally use these plans to construct your own Mid-Deck. By downloading the plans or purchashing a Mid-Deck™, you agree to this statement.