Thank you to everyone who has made the Avalanche Mid-Deck a sucess.. After 10 Years and over 200 Mid-Decks later, I have decided to stop producing these on a regular basis. I have sold out of my remaining regular supplies. I will still continue to offer the plans for your to build your own. If you are in "Dire" need of someone to build one for you, depending on my schedule, I might consider building one here or there... Please contact me first prior to ordering...  (remove the "NOSPAM" to email me)

Avalanche Mid-Deck Full Size Model $199.00
plus fixed shipping charge  (excluding AK & HI)

Color Choice
Ship or Pick-Up

ALWAYS add Standard Flat shipping unless you are picking up your Mid-Deck.

West of Mississippi River
Standard Flat shipping $45.00
East of Mississippi River
Standard Flat shipping $40.00
Add Padding under the carpet $40.00