Feeling Handy?  Build one yourself!!  Purchase and download the plans.  

Avalanche Mid-Deck™ Plans $39.99 - Electronic Delivery 
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Avalanche Mid-Deck™ Plans $46.99 - US Postal Mail Delivery

What do you get??
An Adobe Acrobat file that is 10 pages long.  It includes AutoCAD drawings and Illustrated instructions.  Print it out, and you are on your way.  Besides shopping time, you should be done in 2-3 hours!
What if I have Problems??
Let me know!! I will try to help as much as I can!  You can email me at sales@NOSPAM.mid-deck.com  (remove the "NOSPAM" to email me) I will help with electronic download problems, and questions about building it..
Can I trust you??
YES!  You may have read my posts before, but some of you are new...  The only public "record" of me is my Ebay Profile!  413 positives as of writing this...
But I want you to build me one!!
Thank you to everyone who has made the Avalanche Mid-Deck a sucess.. After 10 Years and over 200 Mid-Decks later, I have decided to stop producing these on a regular basis. I have sold out of my remaining regular supplies. I will still continue to offer the plans for your to build your own. If you are in "Dire" need of someone to build one for you, depending on my schedule, I might consider building one here or there... Please contact me first prior to ordering... sales@NOSPAM.mid-deck.com  (remove the "NOSPAM" to email me)  
With ALL Transactions/Correspondence, PLEASE include the following:
-Email Address
-Exact Plans package you requested (Electronic/US Mail)
-Address if US Mail requested

Legal Stuff:
I can not and will not be held responsible for any accident or injury that occurs during the building of, the normal use of, or anything that could happen involving the Mid-Deck during an automobile accident..  These plans are the intellectual property of Brian Montini.  Your purchase allows you to personally use these plans to construct your own Mid-Deck. By downloading the plans or purchashing a Mid-Deck, you agree to this statement.