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Mid-Deck Insertion Video (160x120, 55kbps, 135KB)
Here is a very small animation file and video...  If you would like to download a larger, more detailed video, Please select your video below..

Mid-Deck Insertion Video (160x120, 55kbps, 135KB)
Mid-Deck Insertion Video (320x240, 158kbps, 392KB)
Mid-Deck Insertion Video (320x240, 358kbps, 763KB)
Mid-Deck Insertion Video (320x240, 512kbps, 1.1MB)
Mid-Deck Insertion Video (640x480, 778kbps, 1.8MB)
Mid-Deck Insertion Video (640x480, 1012kbps, 2.3MB)
Mid-Deck Insertion Video (640x480, 2079kbps, 4.0MB)


Legal Stuff:
I can not and will not be held responsible for any accident or injury that occurs during the building of, the normal use of, or anything that could happen involving the Mid-Deck during an automobile accident..  These plans are the intellectual property of Brian Montini.  Your purchase allows you to personally use these plans to construct your own Mid-Deck. By downloading the plans or purchashing a Mid-Deck, you agree to this statement.