Thank you to everyone who has made the Avalanche Mid-Deck a sucess.. After 10 Years and over 200 Mid-Decks later, I have decided to stop producing these on a regular basis. I have sold out of my remaining regular supplies. I will still continue to offer the plans for your to build your own. If you are in "Dire" need of someone to build one for you, depending on my schedule, I might consider building one here or there... Please contact me first prior to ordering... Sales at (replace at with @)

Introducing the Mid-Deck™
for the Chevrolet Avalanche or Escalade EXT  (2002-2013 tested!)

Have you ever wished you had a better way to haul stuff in the back seat area of your truck?  Your Avalanche or Escalade EXT supposedly came with a "cargo area" when you fold down the back seats...  BUT, if you have ever tried to use it, you know that it just doesn't always haul what you want it to! Your stuff slides around, falls into cracks or gets caught on the hinges.  If you have pets, your dog is certainly not safe back there - all kinds of sharp edges and no traction!

The Mid-DeckTM will make a wonderful addition to your Chevrolet Avalanche or Cadillac Escalade EXT.  It will fill in all those voids and give you approximately 13 square feet of cargo area. It is great for:

Options currently include:


You can also purchase the plans directly to build one for yourself!

Order a Full Size model or 60/40 model NOW for your Avalanche or Escalade EXT.  For any questions, please click here.
Lead times are currently 5-8 weeks.