September 3rd, 2001

Flight to Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii - Day 1


Some High Resolution Pictures Now Available for the Island of Oahu!!!!


Today at 5:15 am we arose from the B&B that we stayed at.  We drove to my Mom and Dad's place so that they could take us to the airport.  It was about a 45 minute ride to the airport.


Around 7:50AM, we boarded our plane at Pittsburgh International Airport.... a Boeing Super 80.  We sat in first class and enjoyed a lot of different food.....


Laura was sitting by the window, so I don't have any in-flight pictures except for planes on the ground.  I didn't think that many of you would want to see those, so I will just jump ahead some.  Instead, I thought that I would take a picture of where we where at according to my trusty GPS.

As you can see here, I knew exactly where we were at at any given time.  Here we are coming into Dallas/Ft. Worth International.  We were going 494.6MPH at an elevation of 32,663 feet above sea level.  We are that Green Arrow on the screen!!!  This was at 10:24 AM EST.


We arrived at Dallas ON TIME!!!  There we hung around for about a half hour and stretched our legs.  We then boarded our next segment of the flight.


At the Dallas Airport, we had to ride a train to get to the next gate!  It was a shaky ride on that train, but we made it to our next gate.  Then Laura saw our next plane...  she loves big planes and she got one!!  A Boeing 767-300 Luxury Liner.  We boarded at 11:50 AM EST (10:50AM Central)

Our first class seats were equipped with RECLINERS and adjustable lumbar supports!!!  What a comfy way to fly. 


They fed us so much food on the flight (and alcohol) that Laura and I thought we were going to burst!!!  

Here we are taking off from Dallas!!

What a beautiful day to fly!!!

Here are some of the Rocky Mountains!! (2:11 EST, 11:11 MST)


The pictures kind of stop here for a bit because there isn't much to photograph of the ocean!!!  Not much out here but water, clouds and sun.....  All time from here on out will be Hawaiian Standard Time (6 hours behind EST because they don't observe Daylight Savings Time)


Coming into Honolulu around 2:30PM, we circled around Oahu only to see our hotel!!!



Upon checking in, we arrived at our room with a private Lanai (patio) and Jacuzzi.



We did some snorkeling around their lagoon and then took a load off in our Jacuzzi.  After all of that we enjoyed our first Hawaiian Sunset from our lanai.


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