September 12th, 2001

Maui, Hawaii - Day 6


Some High Resolution Pictures Now Available for the Island of Maui!!!!


Road Trip to HANA!!!

600+ hard turns, 59 One Lane Bridges, 59 miles.


One of the one lane bridges and U turns.


A nice little secluded waterfall & Pool at Waikamoi Ridge


Pretty Puohokamoa Falls







Falls off of Hanawi Stream


The secluded (and used to be secret) Blue Pool


The hidden Red Sand Beach after a VERY rough hike


Road Trip to PAST HANA!!!

30+ hard turns, 5 One Lane Bridges to Ohe'o Gulch


After a 1.8mile hike climbing 900ft in altitude we came to the impressive Waimoku Falls above the famous Ohe'o Gulch area. (aka - Seven Sacred Pools...But there are more like 26 pools on the way up)


We continued past Ohe'o Gulch and drove around the south side of Maui.  This road is 17 miles of unpaved road, 4x4 access only, any passenger car would NOT make the trip.  It was a rough trip throught the back country of Maui.  I don't have any still pictures of this, just some video...  I may post some of this after I return.


We spent the evening packing, hoping that we can leave on time tomorrow.


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