15th, 2001

Big Island - Day 3 - Correction - Day 2


So this is our first full day on the Big Island of Hawaii.  We booked a 6 hour horseback ride through the scenic Waipio Valley.  This is something that Laura really wanted to do while here.  I must say is was really nice and relaxing until the last hour or so when I was getting VERY sore!!


We went with Horseback above Waipio - Waipio Ridge Stables.  It was a very nice day with a very knowledgeable guide.  We left at about 9:30 AM.


We began our trail ride up to an overlook of Waipio Valley.  


We stopped at another overlook for a light snack and to give the horses a rest.  It was a big uphill climb so far....


Our Wrangler (horse guide) took our picture above this valley floor.   He didn't do to bad!


Further up the trail, we broke out of a Eucalyptus forest and into sugar cane fields.  Both of which you can see here with our Guide and Laura.


We continued on to this waterfall and pool.  This entire ride was on 20,000 private acres of Hawaii.  We were the only ones there at this secluded waterfall...  and BRRRRRR.... was that water COLD!!!!


There we are swimming in that cold water.  Laura and I both went under the falls!!!


Here is a neat Time-lapse photo of the falls that I took.


We had lunch here and our guide showed us how to get and eat raw sugar cane.  


Our guide showed us a lot of interesting things about Hawaiian plant life.  We learned how to get the sweet nectar out of a local flower that is used in Lei making.  We also found some wild, sweet guava fruit.


We did see 3 wild boars on the way up, but I didnt get any good pictures of them...

Here is the one blurry picture that I did get of one.....


We didn't make any stops on the way back down except to put on some raingear when it started to rain a bit.  We got back around 3:30 or so.


We got some dinner after we were done around 4:30 or 5 and came back to our room...  I was exhausted....  I was sore... I went to bed.


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